Installation of Durakerb – St Ives

Installation of Durakerb – St Ives

Installation of Durakerb – St Ives

Works Project : Installation of Durakerb
Location of Works : St.Ives, Cambridgeshire
Client : Skanska/Cambridge County Council (Cambridgeshire Highways)
Civils Contractor : Manit Contractors Ltd
Product : Charcon Durakerb


Design : As a joint innovative trial Cambridgeshire Highways and Manit Contractors install Durakerb into the Highway. As well as being much lighter than traditional concrete kerbs, they can be cut with a hand saw, which in itself eliminates dust and noise.


At just under 6kg for a standard HB2 and 5kg for the Ramps and BN kerbs, Durakerb is less than one third of the manual handling limit of 20kg and mitigates repetitive strain injury. Durakerb is HAPAS approved and certified by BBA as an alternative to traditional concrete kerbs.


The kerbs are laid on a bed of wet concrete. As the kerbs are tapped into place concrete fills some of the voids inside the kerbing. The simple interlocking feature ensures the kerbing alignment.


The kerb itself is made from 88% recycled material and shows a 20% reduction in carbon emissions compared with the manufacture of concrete kerbs. Installation was very simple, manual handling was reduced and no dust was created in cutting the kerbs.


The finished job : Durakerb blends in just the same as new traditional concrete kerbs, proving that it should be considered as a viable alternative. As sustainability becomes more and more important we need to use new products to show our commitment. Feedback from the operatives was very positive and they were very impressed with the weight and how easy they were to cut.

Conclusion : Cambridgeshire Highways and Manit contractors design goals were successfully achieved. This innovative concept will be used again and shared with others. This clearly shows innovation and sustainability can be achieved with a clever collaborative approach.